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At Find My Funds, we Find your Funds, FAST!

What we do…

Find My Funds is an online solution that empowers you to quickly obtain an up to date overview of all your life insurance and investment policies in one comprehensive report.

Working with a range of experienced, professional, and independent Financial Planners, representing the leading life insurance and investment companies in South Africa, we are able to facilitate the sourcing of information directly from these companies in order to provide you with a complementary, comprehensive, life insurance and investment policy report. Find My Funds facilitates the access of information from the likes of Discovery, Liberty, Old Mutual and Sanlam, amongst others.

Your comprehensive report includes the following:

1. Cover letter:
This document will include common financial terms and their meanings to assist you in understanding your report. It will also provide easy to follow steps on how you can use the information to determine whether your cover is relevant and sufficient for your needs and current situation.

2. A summary page:
Including a list of all financial service companies we have checked on your behalf, the policies listed in your name, and whether they are active or inactive.

3. Your comprehensive report:

  • Policy name
  • Policy type
  • Policy number
  • Policyholder/s, life/lives assured, listed beneficiaries, cessionary details (if applicable)
  • Death value, insured amount and benefit type, monthly benefit amount
  • Start date, expiry or maturity date
  • Premium, frequency, payment type
  • Illustrative maturity value
  • Fund value, surrender value, loan value

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