About Find My Funds

Understanding Find My Funds

Find My Funds is an online solution that empowers its users to quickly obtain an up-to-date overview of their life insurance and investment policies in one comprehensive report.

Working with a range of experienced and professional Financial Planners, representing the leading life insurance and investment companies in South Africa, Find My Funds is able to facilitate the sourcing of information directly from these companies in order to provide our users with a complimentary, comprehensive, life insurance and investment policy report. Find My Funds facilitates the access of information from the likes of Discovery, Liberty, Old Mutual and Sanlam, amongst others.

Through our online solution, Find My Funds enables the public to gain access quickly and efficiently to all of the information relating to their life insurance and investment policies.

Information we provide

By using Find My Funds, our users can find out exactly what types of life insurance and investment policies they own, the names of the product providers, along with the relevant details of the coverage provided and investment fund values.

As a result, our users can quickly determine the current value of their existing life insurance or investment policies, thereby helping them formulate a successful financial planning strategy. By understanding the value of their policies, our users can make well-informed decisions when it comes time to amend, upgrade, claim, surrender or mature a policy.

Importance of checking the details on your life insurance and investment policies

The type of coverage you require depends on your current AND future financial needs. Right now, in the wake of the health and financial consequences of COVID-19, revising your insurance policies has become more important than ever.

It is imperative that you check the information pertaining to your personal details as well as the listed beneficiaries. Sadly, as time passes on and situations change, many people do not update, nor do they verify these details. On many occasions this results in legal hassles, delayed / rejected claims, and unintended beneficiaries receiving funds when you die.

Another common error that results in delays in receiving your funds when a policy has matured is something as insignificant as the incorrect spelling of a name. Checking your life insurance and investment policies will give you the peace of mind that all the details and benefits are correct, and if they aren’t, you will be empowered to take the necessary steps ensuring that everything on your policies are as you intended.


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