Life Insurance & Investment Policies

Life insurance & investment policies

In today’s world, the peace of mind that you have adequate life insurance and investments is a priority for us all. Generally, life insurance policies are issued based on factual information that you provide to the insurance company. The insurer relies greatly on the applicant providing factually correct, up to date and adequate information. In fact, as an applicant, this is a legal requirement as per the fine print on the application forms.

Often these policies are taken out and not thought of again for many years until they become necessary. It is important to consider that in this time information and details could change. The onus is on you as the insured to keep the insurer up to date with new information.

Sadly, many policyholders have been prejudiced due to what may seem insignificant, such as spelling errors or small mistakes in the original policy application or official documents issued to you. In other instances, they have found out too late that important information (such as the correct beneficiaries), had not been updated for many years, resulting in an outcome that was no longer their intention as far as their life insurance or investment policies is concerned. Policyholders would very often then need to obtain the expensive services of an attorney to assist them in navigating this legal minefield with the insurer. It is also unlikely that they would be successful if the information provided had never been updated by them. Once again, the onus is on you to keep this information up to date.

Find My Funds provides you with an up-to-date overview of all your life insurance and investment policies, no matter where they may be. Even if they are distributed between various brokers or insurers.  Doing a regular check on these policies will ensure that you have the peace of mind that in the event of a claim or a need to draw from these policies, your information is correct, up to date and in line with your wishes at all times.

WE facilitate access to a wide range of product providers

Working with a range of experienced, professional, and independent Financial Planners, our online service is able to facilitate the sourcing of information directly from the leading life insurance and investment companies in South Africa, such as Discovery, Liberty, Old Mutual, Sanlam and others. The information is sourced directly from these companies to provide a complimentary, comprehensive, life insurance and investment policy report for our users. Thus, our users can save the hassle of visiting or enquiring with individual insurance companies directly. This process saves a lot of time and energy as a result.

WE help in confirming the information and benefits on your policies

Incorrect policy benefits or details can be disastrous for a policyholder. It can result in claim rejections, costly delays in pay-outs, funds being paid to the wrong claimant, or the wrong beneficiary listed in the policy. Our services help policyholders take the corrective actions required to ensure that their life insurance benefits are comprehensive, and their investment policies are in line with their financial needs, thereby avoiding costly mistakes.

WE also offer value-added services

In addition to receiving your complimentary, comprehensive, life insurance and investment policy report, you can also make use of the opportunity to consult with one of our affiliated, experienced, professional, and independent Financial Planners. They will be ready to go through every detail of your current life insurance and investment policy report with you, often addressing queries including, but not limited to:

  • How much cover you have in place
  • How your life insurance policy benefits work
  • Whether they suit your current financial needs
  • Whether they are the latest version of what is available in the market
  • Whether you are over-paying for a policy or policies
  • Whether there is any unnecessary benefit duplication
  • Whether you are comprehensively covered against the health and financial consequences that contracting COVID-19 may have on you and your family
  • Whether your pre-retirement planning investment policies are on track to provide you with adequate income in your retirement years
  • Whether your investment policies have been negatively impacted because of COVID-19 and the recent downgrade of our economy to junk status
  • The annualised return your investment policies have generated and whether that is in line with your expectations and objectives
  • If there are any early exit fees or penalties on your investment policies
  • Whether the unit trust funds within your investment policies are in line with your objectives, investment time frame, and risk profile
  • Details regarding the acquisition of policies in future

It is important to understand that you are under no obligation to accept the advice or services offered by the Financial Planner who contacts you. This is a value-added service that is designed to ensure that you have a thorough understanding of the details contained within your report and can proceed in the most well-educated manner thereafter.

Life insurance and investment policies are an especially important part of an individual’s life and that of their family’s as well. Our services can help you rectify even the smallest of mistakes. It can also offer insight into the options you have right now while dealing with the confusion and financial consequences of COVID-19. By using our complimentary online service, you can alleviate much of the stress and worries that come with being unsure what life insurance and investment policies you have, and how they work.

To know more about us or how we can help you, get in touch with us right now by clicking on the link below and completing a short online submission form.